Welcome to Stallarholmen

The beautiful nature and winding small roads throughout Stallarholmen make the area perfect for wonderful excursions.
In the 11th century there were Viking settlements on the island of Selaön. Every year a large Viking festival is arranged in Stallarholmen where you can experience the ”real” Viking age with forging, food, fire shows and handicraft.

Mälsåker Castle

The island of Selaön has a baroque castle that is beautifully located on the shore of Lake Mälaren.

Mälsåkers slott

During summertime the castle is open for individual visitors as well for pre booked groups.
Art exhibitions and music conserts in the summer.
Mälsåker Castle web-site

Gula Industrihuset

Visit Stallarholmen and see a creative way to use a former factory.

Gula Industrihuset

Here you find Printz Bageri, an award-winning woodfired bakery with café and shops, an auction house and handicraft in a lovely environment.
Gula Industrihuset web-site

Biking Routes

The roads in Stallarholmen is perfect för cycling.

Cyklister Mälsåker

There are four bike routes, each 20-30 kilometres long. Informational material is available at the petrol station in Stallarholmen and to down load.
Map biking routes Selaön , 691 kB.
Map biking routes Toresund - Björkeby , 786 kB.
Map new route Björkeby , 251 kB.

Åsa Grave Field

Many ancient remains from the Viking Age – rune stones, burial mounds and stone circles.

Åsa gravfält

The best known is the ship barrow by Åsa. The field is also known for its protected pasqueflowers that cover the ground in spring.


Three churches in the area around Stallarholmen.

Toresunds kyrka

Ytterselö: The oldest parts date back to the 12th century.
Överselö: The church dates back to the early Middle Ages and has well-preserved 15th century frescoes.
Toresund: This 12th century church was built as a Holy Sepulchre church to the influential Sture dynasty.

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