Welcome to Strängnäs

Strängnäs – a small-town idyll by Lake Mälaren

The cathedral and windmill stand high above the town with its beautiful houses and cobbled alleys – topped off with glorious lake views. With its magnificent nature, food from Södermanland’s larder and a vibrant cultural and commercial life, it’s easy to enjoy the good things in life in Strängnäs. The town combines an exciting past and future with unique shopping and year-round events, and all just an hour from Stockholm!

A warm welcome to Strängnäs!


Arsenalen – The Swedish Tank Museum

Bring the family and experience decades of fascinating military history with caterpillar and wheel vehicles. The museum is packed with experiences, stories and clever tricks for the children.
Arsenalen web-site

Strängnäs domkyrka

Strängnäs Cathedral

Our beautiful cathedral, which dates back to the 13th century, is a prominent building in Strängnäs. Things to see here include the two altarpieces in the chancel, both made in Brussels, and the grave monument of Charles IX of Sweden.
Strängnäs Cathedral web-site

Ulvhälls hällar

Ulvhälls hällar

Art Park located by Ulvhäll Manor and Lake Mälaren that offers the chance to get close to both art and the water. The park displays works by some of Sweden’s best contemporary artists. The park is open all the year round, and the art is on display between 30 April and 30 September.
Ulvhälls hällar web-site

Strängnäs stadskärna

Town centre

Strängnäs has a beautiful town centre. It has a nice mix of small, unique shops and a few of the big chain stores.


Grassagården / windmill

In the centre of Strängnäs, one of Sweden’s few preserved 17th-century middle-class homes can still be found on its original site, with the oldest building dating from the early 17th century. The Dutch-style windmill was built in 1855. In the summer, the windmill is open to visitors, with guided tours on some days by guides from the local history association Strängnäs Gille.

Lillgatan röda kvarteren

Röda kvarteren (The red quarters)

This is Strängnäs’s oldest street, Lillgatan, with cobbles and flat stones for pedestrians. These quarters stretch from the cathedral down towards Ugglan Park. The quarters around the mill are part of the area in Strängnäs that survived the big city fire of 1871.

Utsikten från Kungstornet 2021


Outlook tower with stunning views of the city and its water. Långberget is a lovely recreation area with walking trails and views from Kungstornet.

Väderkvarnen vid Strängnäs gästhamn, Visholmen

Västerviken and Visholmen

Enjoy the waterside with restaurants, cafés, ice cream kiosks, boats, green open spaces, playgrounds and swimming places.



The castle was built during the time of Bishop Kort Rogge (1479-1501). From 1626 to the 1930s, the building housed Strängnäs Upper Secondary School. Since 1968, it has been home to the Rogge Library, which is part of the Royal Library.
Roggeborgen web-site

There is much more to see and do in the surrondings of Strängnäs. You will find more information on our web-site here

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