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Mariefred – the idyll that offers more. A town that’s alive with things to experience all year round. Gripsholm Castle, steamboats and steam trains, and the charming town centre attract visitors from all over the world.

Gripsholms slott

Gripsholm Castle

The Castle from the time of Gustav Vasa dates back 400 years. Wander through the winding passages, and marvel at the halls and chambers. Highpoints include Duke Karl´s chamber and King Gustav III´s theatre.
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Narrow Gauge Railway

Trains run on the narrow-gauge rail line beween Mariefred, Läggesta and Taxinge Näsby from May to September. In high season, you can travel by steam boat one way and steam train the other.
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Ångbåt, Mariefred

Boat trips on Lake Mälaren

There are various trips avaiable for those who want to get on to the water. The Steamer Mariefred running between Stockholm and Mariefred is a longstanding part of Sweden´s culture heritage. Other boat trips and ferry routes are also avaiable, including to the Viking town of Birka.
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Castles and steam

From the jetty you can board the Steamer Mariefred, which will take you on the ‘Cake tour’ to the famous cake table at Taxinge Castle, which always offers at least 60 different kinds of cakes. There is time to take a dip from the shallow beach before returning on the steam train on the narrow-gauge railway.
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Pom Gallery

POM Gallery

This art gallery often exhibits work by young artists - the stars of the future!
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Kvinna som står bredvid en butik med människor i bakgrunden.

Town Centre

The well-preserved town centre features many small shops, restaurants and cafés. The proximity to Lake Mälaren with a guest harbour and steamboat jetty contributes to the wonderful bustling atmosphere during the warmer months of the year.

Ordförande Annica i trädgården på Callanderska gården

Callanderska gården

The town´s heritage museum is a manor house from the 1780s with a lovely garden. Take a look inside a historic manor an enjoy a coffee in the garden.
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Gripsholms hjorthage (deer park)

The deer park is a nature reserve adjacent to Gripsholm Castle with a great biological diversity of trees and many deer.
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There is much more to see and do in the surrondings of Mariefred. You will find more information on our web-site here

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