Welcome to Strängnäs and Mariefred

Mariefred från ovan med Gripsholms slott och Mälaren.

Castles, manor houses and charming small towns close to Lake Mälaren

Gripsholm Castle, Mälsåker Castle and Strängnäs Cathedral offer an insight into Swedish history. The countryside around Åkers Styckebruk is a magnet for outdoor enthusiasts, with the Sörmland trail and canoeing in the lake system of Marvikarna. The Pilgrim trail on the Fogdön peninsula, which joins the Gyllenhjelm trail from Eskilstuna, is popular with walkers and cyclists alike, and the island of Selaön boasts remains from the Viking Age as well as several cycleways.

Make time too for the picturesque town centres of Strängnäs and Mariefred. With Lake Mälaren at their heart, there is always lots of going on along the promenades – don’t miss the mix of attractive small shops, and inviting cafés and restaurants.

Gripsholms slott från Hjorthagen

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